Long before the fibres arrive at the pulp line, the needs of the end-user are uppermost in the minds of Södra’s staff. Södra Green T, for example, is a pulp comprised mainly of softwood sawmill chips from Södra’s own sawmills and wood from its members.

The oldest, outer part of the tree from the final cut of older trees ensures optimal fibre length and coarseness, needed for final strength and porosity (in fact it’s so strong, it was used to make the rugby ball in this film – link). Södra Black pulps, on the other hand, contain a high proportion of thinnings to impart optimal softness. It’s a question of using the right fibre for each customer’s needs.

Careful fibre selection is just the beginning, however. We think of business as a journey, one best approached in partnership with our customers. We have years of expertise in all aspects of fibre, from growing the right trees and carefully managing our forests to monitoring every step of the pulp process.

Now, with the help of our new service concept, Pulp+,  we want to go a step further on that journey and challenge you to think what else we could achieve together – it might be as simple as using our virtual refiner tool to discover a way to optimise your pulp mix. But equally, it might be exploring a completely new idea together with the help of our dedicated R&D department. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes.