At Södra, we employ cutting-edge digital solutions. Digitization helps us integrate our operations so we can produce and deliver large volumes of pulp with direct customer benefits. Our industry is almost fully automated and it is constantly evolving.

From our control rooms in all three mills, all processes are regulated and monitored in real time. Disturbances and deviations can thus be effectively remedied, ensuring a safe and efficient production process.

Thanks to the development of digital technology, now we can also control and monitor our operations through mobile platforms such as smartphones or iPads. This means our staff can even troubleshoot remotely.

Close to our customer

Södra is about more than the delivery of high-quality paper- and dissolving pulp. We also help our customers to develop their products, reduce their costs and streamline their processes. Their ambitions become ours too. That’s why we offer custom solutions tailored to customer requirements. We call this way of working Pulp+, because we add value to our customer's business.

Digital integration is achieved through both our own and our customers’ systems. Digitization, among other things, enables the customer to receive quality data on  every delivery and they can also subscribe to Södra's sustainability and environmental data. We have also developed a feature that provides advance information about a delivery by scanning each bale as it is loaded.

Södra Cell continues to balance innovative thinking with effective digital solutions.

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