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The Process


OnceMore® is the world’s first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics. The process combines RCS certified post consumer textile waste with FSC and/or PEFC certified wood from Södras 52,000 members.

How does the process work?

OnceMore® is a chemical recycling process. We collaborate with partners who provide us with blended-fibre textile waste , a polycotton blend. Polycotton blends are one of the world’s most widely used textile types. We separate the cotton from the polyester and revive the cotton fibres by combining them with renewable wood cellulose from our sustainably managed forests. The process turns waste to high quality material. We enable a circular textile system – by bridging the gap between returning and reviving textiles in order to create a fiber that closes the loop.This results in the OnceMore pulp, a game-changer that enables producers to create circular products, closing the loop and reducing waste. 

What happens to the polyester? 

When the cotton is separated from the polyester, we incinerate the polyester and create energy. Energy that drives the OnceMore® process.

How to access OnceMore®?

Fashion Brands can access OnceMore® through our partnership with viscose and lyocell producers. Whether it’s transformed into viscose staple fibers or filament, the OnceMore® dissolving pulp offers endless possibilities for viscose and lyocell textiles, making sustainable choices a reality. The OnceMore® pulp is already blended and a drop in solution. Making the next step for the fiber producer much easier.


The Mill

OnceMore® is produced at our Mill in Mörrum in the southern part of Sweden. We are the first and only supplier to transform post-consumer textile waste enriched with sustainably managed wood into virgin-quality pulp on an industrial scale. The Wood is FSC and/or PEFC-certified and the textile is RCS certified. Based on our unique technology, OnceMore® provides drop-in products that are easy-to-implement in existing production of our partners. 

Today we have the capacity to produce 6000 tons (=24 million garments) of OnceMore dissolving pulp per year. And our plan is to scale up.

Let's kick the habit of waste!

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