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The fibers




OnceMore® can be processed into MMCF* products such as viscose, modal and lyocell.  And the diffrent fibers can also be processed in diffrent ways; staple fibers or filament fibers.

*Also called: Regnereated Cellulosic Fibers 


Staple fiber

Learn about Viscose Staple Fibers: 

  • VSF 
  • The fiber is cut during production. Most common length of a staple fiber is 40mm. They can be shorter or longer.  
  • Cotton and wool are examples of natural staple fibers. 
  • Staple fibers are delivered in bales to yarn spinners. 

Sanyou talkes about Staple Fibers

Filament fiber

Learn more about Viscose Filament Yarn 

  • VFY 
  • An endlessly long fiber (<1000mm) like silk 
  • The filament yarn is wound on bobbins and then delivered to fabric manufacturer.  

Bailu talkes about Filament Fibers


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