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Global Pulp News 2024 is already looking busy

2024 is already looking busy

Magnus Björkman affärsområdeschef Södra Cell

As we edge towards the end of January, I’m hopefully just about in time to wish you a prosperous, happy and healthy 2024. We have been busy preparing for the year ahead and beyond with numerous initiatives around the five pillars of our strategy which include an optimised value chain all the way from forest owner to consumer, and the sustainable use of forests and the Earth’s resources.

With a 25 percent share of Europe’s softwood market pulp, our home market is and will remain Europe while we also see steady growth in Asia and China and have established a presence in North America. We will be looking at ways to define and optimise our product portfolio and the range of services we offer including, for example, the roll-out of an improved Supplier-Managed Inventory system designed to simplify your stock management. Our goal is simple: to be your supplier of choice in every respect.

We know the coming year will be no less challenging than the last. Climate change is affecting us all at every level - as an industry, as companies and as individuals. Södra is one of the largest transporters of raw materials and products in Sweden today and we do not take that responsibility lightly. We will continue to look at every aspect of our logistics chain to see how we can minimise our impact yet further, and within Södra Cell, we will roll out new initiatives such as our Conscious Delivery offering. 

We will monitor carefully the amount of aggregated CO2 emissions we generate and remain committed to the Science-Based Targets initiative, to minimise our carbon footprint and help you reduce yours. We’re keen to set up partnerships and projects together with customers to cooperate on all aspects of sustainability for a better future, from joint communication projects to product development, innovation and preparing for the EUDR. We are looking at ways to make our pulp the most sustainable possible in every aspect of our operations. 

With people and culture at the centre of our strategy, we will also focus on optimising our internal working environment, from work-life balance in the post-COVID era and reducing digital stress, to travelling safely and sustainably, and ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our family forestry model has so much potential to offer when it comes to creating a more circular, sustainable future but we cannot do it alone. Let’s make this the year where working together we become greater than the sum of our parts and we make a real difference for a brighter future. In a world currently suffering from so much conflict and uncertainty, that’s cause for optimism.

Magnus Björkman, President Södra Cell


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