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Global Pulp News MyPulp+: Look out for new feedback tools

MyPulp+: Look out for new feedback tools


We’re always seeking ways to check we deliver what you need, and Panelista is the latest tool to help us improve. This digital partner allows us to introduce touchpoints in your MyPulp+ and we are trialling them now, starting with two questions via touchpoints on your screen:

• On your dashboard, look out for a notice asking you what features you would most like to see on MyPulp+.

• In Q-Data, you will see a question on functionality and data quality.

Customer Experience Manager, Hannah Stenberg, explains: “This is a new way of gaining insightful feedback which is quick and easy for our customers. We want to collaborate sooner rather than later when it comes to customer experience so we can make sure new products and services are useful.

“If you click on a touchpoint, you’ll see a short video asking a specific question. Submitting feedback is easy and anonymous, and your answer will be fed into our system via an email. If you’d like personal follow-up, just enter an email address when prompted.

“We really hope these tools will enable customers to tell us quickly and directly what they find useful, what could be improved and any ideas they have for adding value to MyPulp+.”


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Subjects: Pulp, MyPulp+



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