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Global Pulp News Don’t miss our latest campaign!

Don’t miss our latest campaign!

Första delen i Cell's kundkampanj 2023: A tribute to possibilities - A tribute to sustainability

If you haven’t yet seen it, do take a look at our latest video in which we pay tribute to all the possibilities forest products have to offer. When it comes to playing our part, we know that you rely on us to provide consistency, both qualitative and quantitative, for you to meet your own potential.

Första delen i Cell's kundkampanj 2023: A tribute to possibilities - A tribute to innovation

In addition to the hard-working staff in our mills, we pay tribute to our members. It’s thanks to their wood that we can claim so much control of our own raw material while making yours – we know exactly what our wood is and where it comes from.

We also pay tribute to the experts within Södra who design and develop a wide range of digital tools to make the most of that wood. They include our pioneering Virtual Refiner, instruments for smarter control of the wood as it enters the woodyard and a whole range of predictive modelling tools.

Madeleine Parkås, Project Manager at Södra Innovation, explains: “A considerable amount of work is done behind the scenes before the wood even reaches the pulp line. We use all these tools in the labs to check for different fibre properties and predict performance. Constant monitoring and small-scale cooking in the labs, then measuring and predicting performance means that variation in wood properties we receive can usually be compensated for and recipes adjusted accordingly. This approach helped us greatly to process wood damaged by the bark beetle, for example, and helps during warm summers, which we are seeing more often these days, when we receive some very dry wood in view of the warm, dry weather in Sweden. In short, for our customers, this brings the peace of mind that whatever challenges arise, we have them covered. Consistency is all.”

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