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Global Pulp News Wood and the world

Wood and the world

Lastbil i morgondis på skogsbilväg.

Geo-political developments cause market movements which affect the flow of raw materials, including wood for pulp.

Acting Timber Manager, Kim Gunnarsson, says we are currently seeing large and rapid upheavals in the outside world, not least when it comes to the demand for forest products. This presents a challenge for us in being able to meet the various needs of the industry and the market. Therefore, we need to work closely with our members, prioritise and increase production again to secure the flow to industry. 

The supply to our pulp mills remains stable and road stocks of softwood look like they will be balanced before the turn of the year and thinnings are increasing.

Maintenance shutdowns at our pulp mills are necessary to ensure that equipment is kept in prime condition and some tasks are unavoidable from a health and safety point of view, but we remain mindful of the market and will minimise disruption.

In the first quarter of 2023, our felling selection plans will give us flexibility in terms of raw material for the pulp mills. 

Going forward, it is important that we can forecast demand as accurately as possible and exercise foresight in order to control the flow of wood optimally. Clear focus is required on what we can influence, through production and delivery, while we adapt to global market movements and events as they occur.

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