Our construction timber is produced at six  sawmills in Sweden and one in Finland. The planing business, which produces our interior wood products, has operations in Sweden.

Södra produces 2.0 million cubic metres of sawn timber annually, of which 1.4 million is subject to further processing and a range of wood products for indoor use, such as mouldings, panelling and flooring, with mouldings as the primary product.

Our planing mills
Planing millsPrimary productLargest marketsProductionSite manager
Södra Wood Berg & Berg Parquet production. Sweden and Germany About 450,000 m2 Mikael Carlevad
Södra Wood Kallinge Solid unfinished, hard waxed and varnished flooring, and unfinished and finished pine panelling. Warehouse and loading. Scandinavia and Asia About 25,000 m3 panelling and flooring per year Mikael Carlevad
Södra Wood Umeå Unfinished and finished mouldings, and unfinished and finished pine panelling. Warehouse and loading. Scandinavia About 7 million running metres per year, of which about 1.5 million finished Isabelle Fredriksson
Our sawmills
SawmillProduction volumeEmployeesDistribution of wood typesKey marketsSite manager
Hamina 160,000 m3 41 100% spruce UK Tomi Liikkanen
Mönsterås 340,000 m3 87 25% pine and 75% spruce UK and Sweden Börje Stamblock
Värö 585,000 m3 155 15% pine and 85% spruce UK, Scandinavia and US Marcus Åsgärde
Kinda 240,000 m3 92 40% pine and 60% spruce Sweden Patrik Wass
Unnefors 120,000 m3 40 99% pine and 1% larch Scandinavia, UK, North Africa, Middle East Andreas Cedertamm
Långsjö 360,000 m3 150 100% spruce Netherlands and Sweden Magnus Algotsson
Orrefors 75,000 m3 27 30% pine and 70% spruce UK and Sweden Benny Svensson