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The future will be built with wood

Wood is more than just a building material that provides exceptional performance. It’s also carbon-positive, renewable, non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable. And on top of that, wood is an effective carbon sink which locks in CO2 over its entire lifecycle, thus reducing the amount of carbon in the atmostphere. To choose wood is to protect the future.

Nothing compares to wood

Timber is lightweight, versatile, strong and durable. It's easy to transport, handle and install. Building with timber saves on time and costs without compromising on quality. Wood's natural ability to regulate heat and humidity creates an optimal indoor climate which has numerous health benefits for residents.

Energy to spare

Producing wood products uses just a fraction of the energy required for producing other building materials such as steel, concrete or aluminium. At Södra, we not only use less energy, we actually produce surplus energy during our efficient, fossil-fuel free production processes.

A 360° view

It is widely accepted that wood can help to build a better future for all. That’s why we strive to create simple and profitable business relationships without compromising on our vision of a more sustainable future. We offer customised, high-quality wood products from responsible sources, complete with a wide range of accompanying services and solutions.

It's important that you as a customer can easily get in touch with us at Södra. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Timber – the building material of the future

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.

Always choose sustainable

Few things are more natural than wood products from the Swedish forest. We're one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood products for construction and almost all our wood comes from forests that have been nurtured for generations by our members. To maintain the highest standards of sustainability, we plant at least three new trees for each one we harvest, and our production is entirely fossil-fuel free.

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