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Global Wood Manufacturing Product solutions

Product solutions

Södra Wood Värö
Södra provides a wide range of sustainable products for the industry from our own sawmills. Your everyday purchases become much easier when you only have to make one negotiation with one contact person from your one business partner. Consistency of supply and quality is essential to sustaining long and productive relationships; sustainable partnerships in which we deliver the very best solutions for you and your customers.

Södra’s close proximity to the source of our raw materials helps us to be a reliable, long-term supplier to manufacturers. In addition to our broad range of standard products, we can produce high volumes of planed, cut, painted, and fire-impregnated products. At Södra, we value close customer relationships based on frequent collaboration and continuous innovation.


We simply make good products. Fossil-fuel-free.

Our raw material comes primarily from the responsibly managed forests of our members. Södra’s members know the value of biodiversity, and the majority of their forests are FSC and PEFC-certified. For each tree we use, we plant at least another three and process our material in modern, fossil-fuel-free facilities. This results in high-quality products that are sustainable in every way.

Production  Sustainability


Spruce and pine give you the strength you need

Used mainly for construction and building, manufacturing and processing, Södra’s product range includes a wide range of solutions, including stud work timber, planed wood products, strength-graded wood, boards, roofing battens and impregnated timber.


Sawn timber from Södra is made of spruce and pine. Spruce has excellent strength properties which makes it suitable for almost any type of construction. Pine is perfect for carpentry and molding, packaging, and impregnated products.

Södra has the unique advantage of controlling our entire production process – from sapling to finished product. This means we can guarantee a steady supply of high-quality product.

All our products are made from high-quality raw materials from Swedish forests, roughly 70 percent of which are FSC and/or PEFC certified. Our efficient production processes are designed to minimise waste and make good use of surplus energy. For example, we use residual heat from our sawmills to dry our sawdust and we use our own pellets to heat the greenhouses in our nurseries.

Södra’s heating pellets are a natural product that originate from our owners’ forests. The pellets are made of sawdust and shavings from our sawmills and are free from chemical additives. Our pellets are sold in bulk to other industrial manufacturers. Want to learn more about Södra’s pellets?

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