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Global Wood Manufacturing Training & support

Knowledge and support for better sales


Get the answers you’re looking for - fast

It’s easy to get in touch with our dedicated and competent customer support team. They will happily answer your questions and assist you with your orders. Our experience and efficient internal systems ensure that you will always receive a quick and correct response, so that you can focus your time and energy on running your business.

Working together to develop your business

Södra puts a lot of effort into creating long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Each customer is provided with their own, dedicated contact person who has a complete overview of ongoing and planned deliveries. Your dedicated support contact will be familiar with your day-to-day challenges and will be able to provide support that helps to develop your business.

Your support contact acts as an internal project manager for your orders. They ensure that your order leaves our warehouse on time so it gets to you quickly. Your dedicated support contact carefully keeps track of your specific order will be able to give you detailed status updates by communicating with our sales representatives, sawmills and transporters.

Providing competitive advantages through market knowledge

Market knowledge will always a be a key to success. Our experienced and service-oriented organisation has a deep knowledge of the timber market and its products. We’re always happy to share what we’ve learned over the decades, both in newsletters and through personal contacts. We keep track of market prices, trends, raw material supply, production technology, and often the development of your customers as well.

Knowledge for better decisions

Do you have new employees in the purchasing department? We arrange customised training programs for purchasers who want to learn more about wood products, bioenergy products, and building requirements. Our training sessions can teach your employees how to think about assortments, logistics and seasonal planning. When everyone is equipped with the right knowledge, better business decisions are made.

Not able to physically attend a training session? No problem. We offer an extensive set of online training courses that you can study whenever you like. Some of the topics are rather complex but even if a concept is difficult to grasp the first time, you can revisit courses as often as you like to deepen your knowledge or refresh your memory.

Digital services for better support

Digitalisation has reached the timber industry and countless possibilities have come along with it. With the help of new technology, we can provide better, faster and more custom-tailored support. We consider this improved level of support to be equally important as our product development. 

Södra’s investments in digitalisation have allowed us to make improvements throughout all areas of our operations. In our production processes, we have improved our level of quality assurance. We have implemented logistics systems to improve the precision and efficiency of our deliveries. And our customer service department now handles all orders and invoicing through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). These are just a few examples of the digital solutions we use to make your business as successful as possible.

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