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Global Wood Manufacturing Our service offer

A wide range of cost-efficient solutions

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. That’s why our wide range of wood products is produced in large quantities so that we are always ready to make quick, high-volume deliveries.

Wood Solutions – Lets grow together

Wood Solutions is the common name for our helpful services, expert advice and personal support. Together with you, we use them to create a complete solution that fits your needs perfectly.

With Wood Solutions we also make it as easy, safe and efficient as possible for everyone to use our wood.

Wood Solutions

Wood Solutions

High-quality raw materials mean high-quality products

We are one of Europe’s largest suppliers of wood solutions for construction. Our raw material comes primarily from our members’ forests in southern Sweden. Production facilities and processes are continuously refined in order to efficiently utilize the quality and quantity of the raw material. By sourcing most of our raw materials from the same region, we can ensure a consistent level of high-quality products from all of our sawmills.


Specialized products

Sometimes you need a unique, custom-tailored solution that can’t be found in our comprehensive product range. We can adapt our offering to fit the specific needs of the market and to deliver solutions that are relevant to you. The most rewarding partnerships are built on flexibility and an open dialogue. So if you’re in need of a specialized solution, get in touch with us and we will find it together. 



Guaranteed volumes with mutual commitment

Large and repeat customers have the opportunity to sign special agreements where Södra offers guaranteed volumes, and the customer guarantees minimum orders. Securing delivery volumes is a critical success factor, especially in times of raw material shortages or economic downturn.

Certified and renewable raw materials 

Few things are more natural than wood products from the Swedish forest. About 90 percent of our wood comes from forests that have been nurtured for generations by our members. A majority of our members’ forests have traceability certifications in accordance with FSC and PEFC. In addition to that, we plant at least three new trees for each one we harvest. Our production process is entirely fossil-free, and the results are high-quality wood products, sustainable in every way.

Continuous improvement

Innovation and advancement are part of Södra’s DNA. We have an entire department dedicated to exploring new ideas and discovering new business opportunities. We are constantly working to improve efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment. Every aspect of our operation is continuously being improved, from production and transports to packaging and processes. Do you have ideas on how we can improve together? We are eager to hear your suggestions and further optimize and refine our operations.

People behind the pulp Jörgen Carlsson Södras Haulage
“I’m a truck driver, and I deliver pulpwood from the members’ forests to Södra’s pulp mills, and timber to the company’s sawmills. It’s a job that combines independence and freedom with responsibility, where I get to be out in nature a lot.”
Jörgen Carlsson
Driver, Södras Haulage
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