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Global Wood Production

True efficiency means being prepared for the future

Södra Wood Långasjö
For a factory to be truly efficient it must do more than produce a steady output of quality goods. It must also be environmentally friendly and have the flexibility to meet new requirements.

We constantly are constantly looking for ways to make our production processes more flexible so that they can easily meet future demands in terms of safety, sustainability and capacity. We invest heavily in our facilities to ensure that they can deliver higher quantities and better quality without compromising on sustainability.

Our operations in Mönsterås and Värö are combined facilities, which means that both a pulp mill and a sawmill are operating in the same location. The pulp mill provides the sawmill with green energy and in return, the sawmill produces bark and cellulose chips. The closed-loop cycle of these combined facilities results in higher energy efficiency and less transportation.

Fossil free production for a sustainable world

Our construction timber is produced across seven modern sawmills in both Sweden and Finland. These seven facilities combined produce a total of 2 million cubic metres of sawn timber annually. As of early 2020, all our products, from sawn timber to building systems to pulp, are produced without the use of fossil fuels.

Sawmill Volume Sort of wood Main markets
Hamina 160 000 m3 100% spruce Great Britain
Mönsterås 340 000 m3 25% pine, 75% spruce Great Britain, Sweden 
Värö 585 000 m3 15% pine, 85% spruce Great Britian, Scandinavia, USA
Kinda 240 000 m3 40% pine, 60% spruce Sweden
Unnefors 120 000 m3 99% pine, 1% larch Scandinavia, Great Britian, North Africa, The Middle East
Långasjö 360 000 m3 100% spruce The Netherlands, Sweden
Orrefors 75 000 m3 30% pine, 70% spruce Great Britain, Sweden


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Fotografering av Jenny och Nina Generationsbilder Medlemmar

Our owners secure our supply of raw material

Founded in 1938, Södra is the largest association of forest landowners in Sweden, representing 2,5 million hectares of forest. It’s a perfect match. We have a secure supply of raw material, and our owners have a secure demand for their timber.

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