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Wood solutions for merchants

Snickare lastar konstruktionsvirke på släp i bygghandeln Adam Johansson
It´s only by working together that we will find the best solutions. With our new Wood Solutions we will shape successful business relationships and help build a better future for everyone.

The shelves can never be empty – but at the same time, storage space is often limited. In the merchant segment we need to match supply and logistics with different customers´ conditions.

Some crucial challenges are that we…

  • develop services to be able to deliver volumes adapted to your space, and reduce your capital tied up.
  • make individual delivery plans that are reliable and easy to follow.
  • develop our standard rage of wood products in collaboration with you and other customers.
  • offer special solutions directly for your end customers´projects.
  • act as a consultants and meet with architects and construction companies to discuss different possibilities.
It's important that you as a customer can easily get in touch with us at Södra. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Wood Solutions with built-in sustainability

Being a Södra customer should be as simple and rewarding as possible. We have come a long way in customised processing and deliveries, certifications and classifications, building components, logistics, training and advisory services – and it is within those areas that we now expanding our offer.

Our Wood Solutions will help you succeed in your wood projects, no matter if you are an international group or a DIY carpenter. And best of all, everything comes with built-in sustainability.

A win-win-win situation

Södra actively supports a world where climate-smart wood building plays an increasingly important role. Today our products are used in more context than ever – and as leading supplier, we do our utmost to live up to all the expectations.

Wood Solutions is the common name for our helpful services, expert advice and personal support. Together with you, we use them to create a complete solution that fits your needs perfectly.

As Södra is in control of the whole value chain, we are one of the few suppliers who can manage an offer this comprehensive – without making any compromises along the way.

From the responsibly managed forests owned by our 53,000 members to climate-smart construction projects, we make a sustainable future possible. With Wood Solutions we also make it as easy, safe and efficient as possible for everyone to use our wood.

It´s a win-win-win situation between you, the climate and us.


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