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Customised for simplicity and profitability

Partnership is key to the successful long-term relationships we enjoy with our merchant customers. In order to maintain these healthy partnerships, we deliver high-quality wood solutions and provide world class support and technical know-how. It's everything you need for success, in the easiest and most profitable way for your business. 

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We keep our promises

We're here to help make sure your business runs smoothly. Whether it's dimensions, quantities, finishing, or capital management, we'll always find a solution that works for you. 


Maximum flexibility

The ability to order mixed loads of both building products and bioenergy products is a climate friendly way to save on time and costs. We handle all the logistics planning and your order is delivered on time, to your specifications. 

Consistent quality

Consistency of supply and product quality are essential to sustaining long and productive relationships with our customers. We value sustainable partnerships in which we can deliver the very best wood product solutions as possible.

It's important that you as a customer can easily get in touch with us at Södra. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Get inspired by Wood

With wood, the possibilities are almost endless. It's strong, safe and cost-efficient. It can be used to build high, low and wide. And it's a flexible, durable, beautiful material that ages and last with dignity.

Think wood Building systems projects

Worldwide supplier

Södra is one of Europe's largest suppliers of construction timber, sourced primarily from the responsibly managed forests of our members. Consistency of supply and quality are essential to sustaining the long and productive relationships with the merchants we work with. Maintaining sustainable partnerships means delivering the very best solutions for you and your customers.


Always choose sustainable

Few things are more natural than wood products from the Swedish forest. We're one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood products for construction and almost all our wood comes from forests that have been nurtured for generations by our members. To maintain the highest standards of sustainability, we plant at least three new trees for each one we harvest, and our production is entirely fossil-fuel free.

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Wood solutions with a 360 view

The desire to meet our customers’ needs leads our way to high quality products, helpful services, attractive solutions and world class customer support. Our solutions are designed to increase the use of wood by making it a simple and profitable choice for our customers. Cooperation. Dialogue. Partnership. All contribute to a secure customer journey with better business results.

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