Södra´s  business area Södra Wood annually produces 1.9 million cubic metres of sawn timber and a range of wood products for interior use. Our timber products are available sawn, planed and treated (pressure impregnation) to meet the needs of all types of construction and building operations. Our solid wooden flooring and panelling last for generations and precisely fitting mouldings are an important part of our broad product range.

We target customers who demand high quality in terms of both products and delivery service. About 70% of our production is dedicated to building products for high-quality purposes. The timber is manufactured in a variety of lengths, dimensions and qualities to meet a variety of customer requirements. The sawn and planed products are sorted by strength and meet all applicable industry standards.

We also provide products  certified according to PEFC™, Program for Endorsement of Forestry Certification and FSC®, the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Capacity and knowledge

Södra produces sawn timber at 7 sites in southern Sweden (Värö, Mönsterås, Långasjö, Kisa, Torsås and Unnefors) and at one Sawmill in Hamina, Finland. All mills produce sawn timber from spruce and pine. 
Mouldning, paneling, flooring, and posts are produced at our  planingmills in Sweden (Kallinge, Ronneby, Umeå), Norway (Brumunddal, Engsetdal) and Lithuania (Panevezys).

A secure supply of high quality raw material

Our 50,000 members assure a secure our supply and access to high quality raw material. Together the Södra members (and owners) own about 5.9 million acres, equivalent to about 70 billion boardfeet of lumber. Sawlogs in southern Sweden are known for their strength and suitability for construction timber. 

A worldwide organisation

Södra is supplying wood products on a global basis. We have fully owned sales offices in Germany, China, US, Norway and Great Britain. In addition, we work in partnerships with several other companies and are present in Denmark, the Netherlands and North Africa  

Logistic support with dedicated warehouses 

We offer logistics support in selected regions with dedicated warehouses stocked with a wide range of products adapted to the individual market. This ensures good service and swift delivery for our customers. Our logistics warehouses are paired with appropriate sawmills, matching production to the range of products carried in each warehouse. For instance, Södra distributes products via four storage terminals in Dundee, Wicklow, New Holland and Sherness and in the US imports go via the Port of Philadelphia or Port Caneveral, where products are stored indoors for year-round protection. Other port calls are based on minimum volumes and are subject to discussion.

Facts and figures Södra Wood

  • Net sales 2016 SEK - 6 091 MSEK
  • Number of employees - 1 380
  • Production - 1  900 000 m3
  • Saw log consumption - 3 925 000 m3 sub