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Great Britain Pulp News Logistics: New tools for smoother delivery

Logistics: New tools for smoother delivery

Lastning av pappersmassa på Södra Cell Mönsterås .

This time last year we began a project in cooperation with external consultants to help optimise our deliveries from our mill gate to yours. Results so far have been very positive, as Ola Holgersson, Södra Cell’s Logistics Manager, explains:

“Our new tools help evaluate each customer’s logistical needs individually. We look at whether direct or indirect (via a terminal) routes are best. In the case where we involve a terminal, the system analyses which terminals to use, how best to use them or suggest new terminal solutions. Then we also look at modal and intermodal options, combining truck, barge, rail and sea where needed.

“We have the added factor of sustainability and carbon footprint to consider which feature increasingly in discussions these days. Truck is usually the cheapest option and offers door-to-door service but can be more complicated for just-in-time deliveries and has a higher carbon footprint than intermodal routes. We can now simulate and evaluate various options considering factors such as sustainability as well as cost before taking the findings into discussions with customers.

“Logistics cannot be a one-size-fits-all. There are numerous factors to consider together with our customers. Trucks take time to load at the mills and if boarding a ferry, these are vulnerable to cancelation and delay during bad weather, for example. This is just the start of what the system can do. We are moving forward every week.”

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