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Great Britain Pulp Supply chain Transport

Managing pulp delivery, from our mill to yours.

lastning av pappersmassa på Södras båt Timbus
Our job is only done when a pulp bale is delivered safely, on time, within spec and to your complete satisfaction.

Efficient, sustainable, responsible

We aim to deliver pulp bales to customers in the most efficient way possible, to ensure timely delivery of the ordered product in perfect condition. 

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our logistics operation and Södra is committed to fossil-fuel-free transport by 2030. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions from freight transport, Södra is involved in several collaborations. In one example with Central European pulp customers, the logistics chain was developed to replace road transport with rail. Södra also participated in the Swedish Energy Agency’s project to transition to fossil-free and energy-efficient freight transport and is actively involved in the Fossil Free Sweden initiative.


As part of our commitment to have fossil-fuel-free transport by 2030, our inbound trucks carrying timber and woodchips have largely transitioned to HVO – a bio-based alternative to fossil-based diesel. This is available at filling stations at our mills and is also offered to external transport companies.


We use rail wherever possible to replace trucks. As part of this, we seek intermodal solutions of truck and rail to reduce truck journeys where a rail alternative is feasible for at least part of an itinerary.


The majority of our transport by ship takes place in time-chartered vessels, which are tailor-made for Södra. This means the bales fit perfectly in the hold, minimizing the chance of movement and damage in transit. When possible, loading from ship to barge at our terminals is board-to-board. This means less handling because units are lifted directly from one vessel to another, rather than via a warehouse. We are founder members of the Responsible Shipping Initiative, to keep our waters safe and clean and to look after those working on board.


The use of inland waterways is an important and growing aspect of Södra’s logistics. Barge transport is the most fuel-efficient inland transport option, as well as being particularly safe and having a relatively low impact on the human and natural environment.

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Supplier Code

Södra operates a Supplier Code involving regular audits, to ensure its logistics partners operate sustainably, to our expectations and that they follow all relevant laws and regulations. 

The supplier code


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