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Pulp+ Fibre Education

Fibre Education 4-5 juni 2024 i Varberg. Besök på plantskolan i Falkenberg
We believe in growing together as we don’t believe that we can tackle the future alone. We are convinced that we can achieve valuable results by pooling our combined knowledge.

Södra offers a concept called Fiber Education. It is an opportunity for you to increase your knowledge about fibres and fibre treatment. We will arrange a learning plan that is custom tailored to your needs and requirements in order to ensure that you get the most out of each session. The aim is to offer a broader and deeper understanding that will improve the way you use our fibres in your processes and products.

Courses in two different formats:

1. Customised sessions for individual customers, which is particularly suitable for operators and engineers. We tailor these sessions on request to meet your needs. 

2. Open two-day courses held at our pulp mills in Värö, Mörrum or Mönsterås, Sweden, to which customers are invited to send their operators and engineers to participate.

Fibre Education concept open two-day course

The Pulp+ Fibre Education concept invites customers to Södra for a two-day Fibre Education course. During these two days, we give you insights into all aspects of Södra's value chain from planting in the nursery to felling in the forest to the various processes in our pulp mills. You will also learn how we work with R&D and environmental issues.  

The agenda during these two days could include the following:

Wood structure and Fibre Morphology

  •  Forestry incl. Forest Certification
  •  Excursion to the Tree Nursery and the forest (see below)
  •  Pulp Quality control
  •  Fibre Treatment
  •  R&D tour
  •  Pulp production process
  •  Mill tour at any of our three mills

Tree nursery

Each year, 35 million seedlings are cultivated at our nurseries in Falkenberg and Flåboda for forest owners in Sweden. We develop our own forest plants to secure a high growth in the forest and therefore achieve a strong supply of high-quality raw material. You will see our modern Nursery and follow the process of seeding to the sorting of plants. 

Forest excursion 

The interest in environmental certifications such as PEFC and FSC has increased dramatically. Environmentally certified products depend on certified raw materials. Södra's forests are maintained in cooperation with 53,000 individual forest owners. Many of them live on their properties and treat their forests as their own backyard. Consideration for the environment is a part of the owners' daily life. We are proud to take you on a trip to the forest where you can feel, see and experience the forest where the fibres come from. Forestry experts from Södra will guide you on this forest excursion.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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