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Great Britain Pulp Paper pulp End uses

Paper pulp end uses

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From tissue to packaging, from magazine paper to coffee filter, when pulp leaves our mills, it’s the beginning of a journey with many different destinations. Pulp is what we do, and this will remain our focus. We work in close cooperation with our customers to understand their needs and optimize the pulp we make for them in order to keep up with growing demands for new technologies and different qualities.

The highly diverse range of pulp qualities which Södra produces results from a sustainably-managed, diverse fibre resource and meticulous wood segregation process. This enables a wide range of finely-targeted specifications. We are always open to discussing new ways to add value to paper products through the innovative uses of pulp.

Board products

From LPB (liquid packaging board) to CKB (coated kraft board) and WTL (white top liner), a variety of board products use bleached kraft pulps from Södra. End uses of these products range from packaging of milk and juice to dry, chilled and frozen food.

Board products key characteristics

For the white surface of LPB, CKB and WTL, important properties include cleanliness and brightness, not least because most of the products will be printed. Different strength characteristics are also required to resist tearing and to withstand stacking and folding. The right fibre choice is important to ensure the required properties are achieved.

Tissue products

Tissue products include bathroom tissue, kitchen towels, napkins, facial products and more, so producer needs vary widely. But Södra meets them all with its soft and hardwood pulps.

Tissue products key characteristics

Softness, wet and dry strength, bulk, absorption and yes, even coarseness, are all key characteristics for tissue, depending on the specific end use. The choice of hardwood or softwood are key considerations, but within these broad categories there are other factors to take into account such as fibre wall thickness, the impact of bleaching and tensile strength. Södra has the fibre resources and process know-how to ensure tissue manufacturers can create and adapt their product characteristics to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

Printing paper

Fine paper and magazines are the traditional coated and uncoated printing & writing paper categories for which Södra supplies pulp. Examples are coated fine paper and office papers.

Printing paper Key characteristics

For certain categories of printing & writing paper, producers will typically produce a proportion of the furnish themselves in the form of thermomechanical or groundwood pulp. But in all cases, strong bleached kraft pulp is needed to guarantee wet and dry strength for the paper.

Specialty paper

This is a catch-all term for a huge variety of products, from coffee filter paper, labels/release paper and cigarette paper to décor paper and grades for medical use.

Specialty paper key characteristics

High porosity, low porosity, refinability, tensile strength, binding properties, bulk, brightness, cleanliness – the list is as endless as the possible applications of specialty papers.

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