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Great Britain Pulp News Conscious Delivery: The thoughtful route

Conscious Delivery: The thoughtful route

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Our latest customer initiative to reduce our carbon footprint has taken another step forward. We recently signed an agreement with Dutch shipping company Wagenborg Shipping Sweden AB to offer offsetting as an option where fossil-free shipping is not available. Logistics Manager Ola Holgersson explains.


“We have our own time-chartered vessels, but these are not always enough. When we need extra capacity, we use space on Wagenborg’s general cargo vessels, namely for shipments to the UK, and to Atlantic-coast destinations. On average, we charter space on numerous Wagenborg vessels every year.

Wagenborg is currently running two vessels per week in Europe that are powered by HVO / FAME in the Netherlands but not all routes are possible, including getting as far as our Mönsterås mill. However, even if we can’t use the HVO / FAME vessel ourselves, we can subsidise the route in the form of buying a credit, certified by KPMG, which can then be used to offset against a non HVO-fuelled journey. We are delighted to be Wagenborg’s first pulp customer to have reached such an arrangement, offering customers more choice when it comes to Conscious Delivery.

Bengt Meuller, Wagenborg Sweden’s Managing Director: “At Wagenborg we aim to make our business more sustainable every day. To achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we strictly follow a roadmap. In addition to a highly fuel-efficient fleet and energy-efficient EasyMax vessels, we consider the use of HVO/ FAME a logical next step in our decarbonization journey. We are delighted with our partnership with Södra to join forces and take steps together in this.”

“The offset scheme still lacks a unified certification system across the logistics chain, but interest and capacity are growing so I hope it will only be a matter of time” says Holgersson. “While long-haul journeys remain more challenging, the shipping industry is making rapid progress. We are seeing significant investment in new vessels with climate-friendly technology scheduled for delivery as soon as 2028. It’s very heartening.” 

Conscious Delivery is just one initiative to work together within the value chain towards reducing our carbon footprint together. We want to play a part in the transition to climate neutrality, which is why we have set ambitious targets according to the Science-Based Targets initiative, to reach net zero fossil-fuel emissions by 2040.

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