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Great Britain Pulp News It’s another step closer to fossil-fuel free transport

It’s another step closer to fossil-fuel free transport

Lastbil Södra Cell Mörrum

We are now using a specially-adapted fossil-fuel free truck to transport pulp from the Mörrum pulp mill to the port of Stilleryd in Karlshamn, some 8 km away. We have been using our own biodiesel to fuel trucks from members’ forests for years, and now we are taking one more step, transporting finished pulp in a truck fuelled by biodiesel.

Johan Sundberg
Johan Sundberg, Logistics Manager

Södra Cell’s Logistics Manager, Johan Sundberg, coordinated the project in collaboration with the Swedish haulier, Trygve Bengtsons Åkeri AB. ”It’s a great example of what can be achieved when we work with partners on an exclusive basis in the supply chain towards more sustainable solutions,” he says.

The new truck will be active Monday-Friday in a normal week completing up to 11 round trips per day and consuming around 36 m3/yr of HVO.

With a loading capacity 20 percent higher than before at 48 tonnes, the truck has the added benefit of being specially adapted to transport pulp, minimising handling of the pulp bales and cutting the number of journeys needed, which saves on both fuel and manpower. ”This is important at a time when hauliers are in short supply,” adds Sundberg.

”The logistics department is always looking for solutions that increase the reliability and quality of our service and which also reduce our environmental footprint so that we can pass these benefits on to the customer,” Sundberg explains. ”Our pulp production has been free of fossil fuels for some time now, but this is another small step closer to our goal of being fossil-fuel free across all operations, including transport, by 2030.”

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