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Global Wood News Södra boosts deliveries to Japan

Södra boosts deliveries to Japan

Södra is in the process of boosting its deliveries of timber to Japan to around 90,000 m³ within the next two years.

Christer Bladh Försäljningschef Asien Södra Wood ledning

The decisive move on Södra’s part was to gain certification for the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for 2x4 and 2x6 timber in 2020, just before the pandemic. Around two thirds of the timber which Södra supplies to the Japanese market is expected to be JAS in future.

The JAS standard is essential for suppliers of housebuilding materials to Japan, where annual housing starts vary between 700,000 and I million, of which up to 13 percent are traditional wooden frame houses. Wooden frame as a construction method is increasing in popularity in Japan due to its flexibility in the face of earthquakes.

Södra delivered trial loads to a number of customers and potential customers following JAS certification, and a positive reaction turned into orders as the pandemic receded.

Previously Södra has supplied the Japanese market with timber for DIY use, pallets, shelves and interiors, but access to the building trade offers huge new potential.

The high planing capacity at Södra’s sawmills gives it a strong advantage in approaching new markets, because it gives us the flexibility to meet different market requirements with precision. The JAS-standard timber will be delivered mainly from Södra’s Värö sawmill in Sweden.




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