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Global Wood News Södra’s green investment continues

Södra’s green investment continues


Through a new partnership with Swedish company Trioworld, Södra’s timber packaging will now contain 30 percent recycled plastic, which will reduce annual emissions from packaging by around 23 percent. Södra’s first deliveries with the new Trioworld Loop packaging took place in September.

“With the new packaging, we are ensuring high-quality deliveries for our customers, while also taking an additional step towards a more circular business model with lower emissions,” said Andreas Jonasson, Sales & Marketing Director at Södra Wood. 

“This is a trend we will continue to pursue. When it comes to sustainability challenges, there is no finish line. We are constantly working to be the market leader and develop our processes. This approach will help both Södra and our customers contribute to a sustainable climate transition.” 

The new timber packaging is called Trioworld Loop and will be used for all Södra’s timber deliveries – both domestic and export. The material contains at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. As a result, Södra expects to cut its emissions by nearly 385 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent per year, corresponding to 23 percent reduction of annual emissions from the packaging.

Södra is first to offer timber packaging with PCR plastic on a larger scale. The development is in line with Södra’s targets for reducing its emissions and building a climate-positive business.

“Trioworld believes in long-term partnerships,” said Adam Fransson, Senior Account Manager, Trioworld. “When developing sustainable solutions for tomorrow, ambitious partners such as Södra are a key lever for minimising the environmental impact of packaging without compromising on transport safety or the protection of the timber. Our solution with 30 percent PCR content will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the packaging – and that’s just the beginning of sustainable packaging for the forest industry from Trioworld.”





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