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Global Building systems News Södra in pilot project for sustainable construction

Södra in pilot project for sustainable construction

Södra project in CLT

In a new pilot project for sustainable construction, Södra and the construction company SSEA are building 12 apartments in Malmö. The aim of the project, on behalf of MKB Fastighets AB, is to halve carbon emissions by using cross-laminated timber (CLT).

The construction industry generates about 40 percent of all global CO₂ emissions. Building with timber is one way to reduce the climate impact of construction and more and more actors are seeing the benefits. The pilot project in Malmö comprises the construction of an apartment building with 12 units in a CLT frame. CLT has several advantages over other building materials, making it particularly suitable for climate-neutral construction. Due to its low weight in relation to strength, less transportation is needed, and installation is easier. 

“Our raw material comes from family forestry in southern Sweden. The CLT is locally produced and has the lowest carbon footprint in the market. Building a pilot project for MKB together with SSEA is an important and tangible step towards more climate-neutral construction,” said Ola Landqvist, Business Developer at Södra Building Systems. 

MKB’s ambition for the project, named Rapsen 2, is to develop the company’s expertise in sustainable construction and gain knowledge about building with a CLT frame. The goal is that the project will emit no more than 207 kg CO₂/sqm and therefore achieve below LFM30’s* target value for housing – a low-carbon project. In the next stage with embodied carbon included, the project will probably halve emissions compared with the portfolio. The project will also apply re-use. Preliminary work has commenced and by early 2025, the apartments will be ready for occupancy. 

The project is taking place in collaboration with SSEA, which has a great deal of expertise in construction. xxx

“It feels safe to be carrying out the contract with a company competent in wood at our side, a long-term collaboration that will continue with our wooden project for Ängelholm Town Hall,” said Richard Jacobsson, contracts manager at SSEA. 

“We are proud to be contributing our wooden expertise and sustainable products from family forestry,” said Ola Landqvist, Business Developer at Södra Building Systems.  


* LFM30 is a local initiative in Malmö with the mission to create a geographic playing field to accelerate the climate transition in the construction industry. The aim is that Malmö will have a climate-neutral construction industry with net zero emissions by 2030. After that, the aim is to create a climate-positive industry by 2035. 

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