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New responsible shipping initiative underway

Bild på en båt som används i kommunikation kring RSI (Responsible Shipping Initiative).

In 2019, Södra participated and formed the Responsible Shipping Initiative, RSI. The first inspections of ships on the Baltic and North Seas have now been carried out.

The Responsible Shipping Initiative (RSI) is a new non-profit collaboration between leading Swedish dry cargo shipping buyers. It aims to improve working conditions, health and safety and environmental performance onboard dry cargo ships in the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

The first inspections have been carried out during 2020. Four areas of concern and improvement were found.

  1. Passage planning
  2. Hours of rest
  3. Condition of equipment in the machinery spaces
  4. Alcohol policy, routines and equipment for testing

RSI enable joint pressure

The result of the 2020 inspections shows the need of continuous work. The formation of RSI will enable buyers of maritime transport to impose the same type of requirements in transport agreements and thereby put joint pressure on shipping companies to comply with the terms and conditions.

“As major transportation players, we have a duty to ensure that transport activities are carried out responsibly. We are very happy that this partnership is now underway and hope that our joint efforts will lead to both short-term and long-term results,” says Anders Ripström, Sourcing Manager for Logistics and Transport at Södra.

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Subjects: Sustainability, Pulp, About Södra, Timber



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