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Colleagues' stories – meet Ida, the operator

Meet Ida, the operator. In this story, Ida tells us what she loves most about her job and talks about her journey from working in child care to becoming a process technician.

Sawmill operator - Facts


Working as a sawmill operator mainly involves monitoring and ensuring the operation of one or more machines that manufacture different types of products. The machines are operated either manually or by controlling processes using the plant's digital control system. Packaging and sorting of timber are also part of this role. 

As a sawmill operator, tasks are performed in accordance with production planning, operating and work instructions. Work is performed at different workstations such as saw, adjuster, planer, and loading. 

There are about 500 sawmill operators within Södra. 

“I work on refining by-products from our sawmills. We produce pellets from spruce sawdust and cutter shavings. I keep an eye on the quality in the production in order to ensure as good a delivery as possible.” Says Ida Lagergren, operator at our sawmill in Värö. 

The best thing about the job is my colleagues – and that there is so much going on all the time. We have so much fun – I think it spreads to everyone around us.

/Ida Lagergren.

​​​​Listen to her story here - in one of our films focusing on our employees and on what it's like to work at Södra.   

”The best thing about Södra is the potential to develop, to grow along with the organisation and become part of something bigger. We usually say that the future is made of wood, and I want to be a part of that future.” 

In your role as an employee at Södra you are helping to create a more sustainable society. Together, we are working with one of the world’s most renewable raw materials. All of us contribute in different ways.

Stay tuned for more in our series of films describing Södra’s various operations, career opportunities, and what makes it fun to go to work at Södra. Join us and listen to the story of our employees. 

Together, we are creating a bright future with one of the world’s most renewable raw materials. #workatsödra #abrightfuture 

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