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The Södra 360 Experience

VR360 Cajsa Nordin
Take a moment to let the sights and sounds of the forest come to you. We have harnessed digital technology take you to the heart of Southern Sweden, where you’ll find yourself strolling among the trees with the sky above and a soft carpet of moss below – only the delightful forest fragrance will be missing…

We’re talking about the Södra 360 Experience, which takes advantage of virtual reality (VR) technology to increase knowledge about the sustainable role of the forest in society today and in the future, while also demonstrating the values and breadth of Södra’s business in a digital age.

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Bringing the forest closer to home

The Södra 360 Experience is an interactive journey through sustainable forestry with its multiple beneficial impacts on people’s daily lives. On-screen or, even better, with an Oculus VR headset, it provides close encounters with forest owners and experts, and users of forest products as they go about their lives, surrounded by renewable wood-based materials.

Visitors to the Södra 360 Experience can then move from the forest into an interactive modern living space and a townscape, where the sustainable uses of wood – from paper products to textiles, energy and construction materials – are featured in detail.

Through the eyes of Oculus

From gamers to movie lovers, Oculus has pioneered the all-in-one category of wireless headsets which operate independently of either a smartphone or PC. It is the “window” through which this exciting new forest-based virtual reality can be viewed. As part of a constant process of development through digital channels, it’s an ideal new communication tool for Södra.

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Step into the world of trees and enhance your knowledge about the Swedish forest, and its use in everyday life.

Explore the Swedish forest from wherever you are and meet those who manage it responsibly.

Then move into an interactive townscape and living space to discover the forest’s use and benefits in everyday life, from transportation to sustainable living. The future is made of trees.

Visit the 360 experience


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