“Using new technology and by further processing a residual product from the mill, we can produce carbon-dioxide-neutral biofuel. Together with our partners in the study, we demonstrate that it is possible to put the Baltic Sea’s most climate-friendly vessel into operation,” said Lena Ek, Chairman of Södra. 

On Monday, a delegation from Södra welcomed Svante Axelsson, national coordinator of Fossil Free Sweden, to Mönsterås pulp mill to show the facility that will produce biomethanol. 

The study “Bio-Met – CO2-neutral Methanol for Shipping” was handed over in conjunction with the visit. The study was concluded on Friday and demonstrates that it is practically feasible to modify a vessel to run on biomethanol that can transport round timber between the Baltics and Mönsterås. The participants in the study are the Swedish Transport Administration, Södra, Ivar Lundh & CO, ScandiNAOS, the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) and BrodinInfo. 

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