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Sverige Om Södra News First large electric forklift in Swedish forest industry

First large electric forklift in Swedish forest industry

An electric forklift at Södras sawmill in Värö.

In partnership with Kalmar Industries, we are currently testing an electric forklift at our sawmill in Värö. Electric forklifts, which have long been used in the smaller classes, are now being introduced among the heavier vehicles. The electric forklift in Värö is the first of its kind in the Swedish forest industry.

“This provides us with a unique opportunity to evaluate the forklifts of the future. Electric forklifts produce less noise and vibrations and offer outstanding comfort,” said Christer Dahlberg, maintenance planer for vehicles at Värö.

“The transport industry is transitioning from using diesel as a universal solution to using many different fossil-fuel free alternatives. Thanks to our previous investments in electricity generation, we are in a very favourable position to switch to electrical operation at our facilities. The same energy used to run our facilities is also running our machines, which means we can become self-sufficient in energy to our forklifts. And our forklifts have none of the concerns about short range, which is the case for passenger cars. It will be very exciting to follow the test in Värö to see if it works to transition to electrical operation,” said Henrik Brodin, project manager for “A fossil-free Södra.”

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Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners, Timber


Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners, Timber



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