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Every hour is Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global movement for the environment and a signal to take climate change seriously. This is a matter of course for Södra. We work resolutely with sustainability in our operations – every hour, every day.

Södra takes a long-term approach to sustainability and we are actively engaged in several initiatives. To reduce our climate impact and use our resources efficiently, we have adopted sustainability targets for fossil-fuel independence and reduced electricity and heat consumption. One of our sustainability targets is fossil-free production by 2020 and fossil-free transport by 2030.

Södra now generates more electricity than we use to run our own operations. All of our electricity generation is based on renewable raw materials. Energy generation is a natural part of our business. Electricity, heating and biofuels are produced in our forests, our pulp mills and sawmills and the excess is used to supply several communities with green energy.

Did you know that our deliveries of green electricity could power an electric car for 50,000 laps around the world?

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Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners


Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners



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