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Sverige Om Södra News Södra shows the way ahead of new climate change act - to become fossil-fuel free by 2030

Södra shows the way ahead of new climate change act - to become fossil-fuel free by 2030

There now exists a broad political majority in Sweden about the direction on tackling climate change. This will mean that Sweden will have zero net emissions from greenhouse gases by the year 2045; an important milestone for Swedish society. As part of this transition, forests and forestry will become increasingly important.

If fossil greenhouse gases are to be discontinued then non-fossil alternatives must be available. If this is to become a reality, then both decision-makers and companies are needed that have the courage and conviction to make decisions that lead to real change. Decision-makers are needed who understand the importance of a vibrant and strong industry that continues to contribute to the development of Swedish society.

And companies are needed that can translate the Paris agreement to their own, governing targets. It is a major challenge and one that Södra is happy to accept. We want, in all humility, to point out that we have already taken hold of the torch. Last autumn, Södra published its governing sustainability targets, of which three have the same status as the Group’s financial targets. One of these is that Södra is to become fossil-fuel free by 2030.

Our production facilities are well on the way to becoming fossil-fuel free, and some of our operations have already achieved this. The fact that we also produce more electricity and biofuel than we use enables other operators to benefit from the forest’s fantastic ability to replace fossil alternatives with bioproducts.

But we want to do more. We will ensure that all of our production becomes fossil-fuel free. We will ensure that all of our transportation becomes fossil-fuel free. And we are prepared to work hard – because we know that this issue is bigger than us. It concerns all of society. There is a joint responsibility that is shared between all players in civil society. But we are happy to show the way.

Lars Idermark, CEO Södra

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