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Every hour is earth hour

Earth hour arose as an appeal to decision-makers to take climate change seriously. For Södra, this goes without saying. We are engaged in constant work to achieve our sustainability targets – every day, every hour.

Södra takes a long-term approach to its sustainability work and is active in several different initiatives. To reduce our climate impact and efficiently utilise our resources, we base our activities on sustainability targets for fossil-fuel independence and a reduction in electricity and heat use. To achieve these, we are striving to make our operations fossil-free – both forestry and pulp mills.

Södra currently produces more electricity than it uses in its own operations. All of our electricity production is based on renewable raw materials. Energy generation plays a natural role in Södra’s operations. Electricity, heating and biofuels are produced in the forest, the pulp mills and the sawmills, and the surplus is delivered to the communities.

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Subjects: About Södra, Forest owners


Subjects: About Södra, Forest owners



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