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We help the construction sector to reduce its climate impact

Construction is booming, but at the same time, the sector faces many challenges when it comes to limiting the significant emissions of greenhouse gases that are changing our climate. To meet this challenge, we offer our cross-laminated timber (CLT), which probably has the lowest climate impact of any product on the market today, thanks to our fossil-free nurseries, sustainably-managed forests, fossil-fuel free transport, fossil-free sawmills and production facilities.

There is a need for both change and innovation which is where Södra’s CLT comes in. One step towards making construction more sustainable in Sweden is the Climate Declaration law, which will be introduced in 2022.

What’s included in a climate declaration?

To make a climate declaration, the builder must know the climate impact for all components and building materials. A life-cycle analysis calculates the environmental impact, including the climate impact, of a product throughout its life cycle. For a building, this means calculating the environmental impact for everything from the extraction of raw materials and manufacture of building materials and components to construction and installation, use and finally, dismantling and reuse/waste management. The environmental impact of energy use and transportation at all stages are also included.

EPD is an environmental product declaration

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) summarises the product's environmental impact in a concise, standardised document. An EPD contains the results of the life-cycle analysis plus other important information about the product. The declaration is reviewed by an independent third party and always follows a standard. This makes it easy to compare the climate impact of different materials and components with the same function. It also makes it easier to choose sustainable alternatives and thus make a big difference to the climate. Wood, for example, is the only renewable building material suitable for frames for multi-storey projects.

The significance of the frame material

In a new construction, the frame of the house usually has the most significant climate impact. This means that the choice of CLT as the frame material is very climate-smart. Compared with concrete, CLT can reduce the climate impact of a building frame by more than 50 per cent, and choosing a frame made of CLT from Södra could improve that percentage even further.

Today, our CLT probably has the lowest climate impact on the market. The big difference and effect are possible thanks to our fossil-free nurseries, sustaniable-managed forests, transport with biofuels, fossil-free sawmills and production facilities. 

What does this mean for you at the design stage?

For architects/developers, it means lots of opportunities to do more and smarter business. Even with land allocations, it is increasingly common for a climate declaration to be required. For designers, we make the work significantly more manageable, as climate information is also easily accessible via the digital versions of our products. There should be no obstacles to making climate-smart choices and building a sustainable society. That’s why Södra is here to help!

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