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Great Britain Innovation Innovation for the future

Innovation for the future

Södra Cell Bioproducts Metanolfabrik vid Södra i Mönsterås
Innovation plays an important role at Södra. We know that innovation and business development are key to a company’s long-term competitiveness. Since all of our research and development is based on sustainability, we are also contributing to a more sustainable society. Södra conducts research and development to improve existing products and processes, while also investing considerable resources in bringing new and innovative products to market.

Södra has selected several strategic arenas for its product innovation – forest, sawn timber, paper, textiles, chemicals and energy. These efforts are mainly driven by Södra’s business area for innovation together with the business areas, but also in partnerships with customers, and in external networks with universities, research institutes and companies further upstream in various value chains.

The innovation projects are helping to develop more highly processed forest products and to commercialise products with a better sustainability performance than today’s alternatives. Several projects are linked to Södra’s sustainability targets for fossil-free production and transportation. Most R&D resources are focused on product and process development in order to strengthen the company’s current competitive position. Resource-efficiency is a recurring theme in many of these projects, alongside of product performance, which is particularly important for Södra’s customers.

The Södra Foundation for Research, Development and Education also promotes R&D with significance for forestry and forest industry operations in southern Sweden.


First in the world

Did you know that Södra was first in the world to introduce large-scale recycling of textile fibres from blended fabrics?

The technique is a globally unique solution that enables circular flows in the fashion and textile industry.




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