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Global Innovation Innovation in forestry

Innovation in forestry

Drone over forest
Forest growth, crop reliability and quality are extremely important and are the focus areas for our R&D. This is combined with the development of low-impact forestry to protect environmentally sensitive areas, aquatic ecosystems and trees during thinning operations. Service development is a key component and Södra aims to be a leader in digital technology, a modern approach and attractive tools for members and employees.

Tree breeding for increased forest production

Forest tree breeding is an important tool for gradually increasing forest production and Södra is working with this, mainly through joint ownership of the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden. Research into forest regeneration and methods to reduce pine weevil and wildlife damage is also a high priority.

New techniques and digital innovation

In the area of new techniques for increased productivity and low-impact forestry, Södra has achieved success with its soil protection guarantee and the Cambiguard method for seedling protection. Södra’s focus on a range of areas, such as mechanical planting, will continue.

To improve planning, the focus lies on digital methods by developing Green Forest Management Plans and optimising methods for logging planning. Better utilisation of remotely sensed data, drone technology and so forth are being studied here, as well as the development of apps for both members and employees.

EU project to prevent soil damage

Södra is running a project for industry-specific training programmes with a focus on preventing soil damage in forestry operations for contracted machine operators in Södra’s forest operations area. The training programme includes a basic course in soil protection and a follow-up course to develop and consolidate the knowledge acquired.


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