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DuraPulp for Life

In EU project Durapulp for Life the production of 3D formed cellulose based products has been demonstrated, using a dry technology – meaning that the production is done without water.

Several advantages of using renewable bio based materials

The advantages of using renewable bio based materials are:

  • less dependence on non-renewable fossil based polymers
  • the reduction of non-degradable plastic waste and
  • the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.  

By using a dry converting process it is possible to further reduce raw material cost, production cost, and hence further improve the environmental performance of the product compared to a, for cellulose based products, a more traditional, wet moulded technology. The reduction of the production cost is mainly due to the fact that in the dry technology the cellulose material is never re-wetted and hence no drying of the fibres is needed. 

3 reference products

The project had three reference customers and with that three reference products, a single use table ware, a meat tray and a package for a drug test kit.  

All three products could be produced in the project. For the table ware the project verified near industry scale by producing 5000 pieces. The meat tray and the drug test kit had deeper respectively more complex shape and it was a need for further development before the project succeed with these deep/complex product but did so in October 2019. 


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