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Sustainability is a part of Södra´s strategy

Södra’s entire business is based on responsible and sustainable forestry. In this way, sustainability has always been part of our daily operations. Södra’s strategic sustainability focus areas encompass the company’s mission, offering, operation and internal and external relationships. A number of targets and key indicators have been established for each strategic focus area.

Of a total of 15 sustainability targets, three have been assigned priority and given the same status as the Group’s financial targets.
− Södra’s production will be fossil-free by 2020, and Södra’s transportation will be fossil-free by 2030.
− By 2050, the annual rate of forest growth on estates owned by Södra’s members will be 20 percent higher than in 2015.
− Södra has zero tolerance for workplace injuries and by 2020, the injury frequency rate will have declined by 15 percent per year.


Roine Morin

Roine Morin

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