Spruce log supplies are high in both Sweden and the rest of Europe.  The global economy is showing continued signs of a slowdown, which is affecting the finished goods market, and market prices for spruce logs are declining in general. The cyclical slowdown is reducing demand for market pulp, with an adverse impact on price formation. Due to high supply and declining demand, the market price of softwood pulpwood is falling. The market price of fuel wood is also decreasing.

“The timber price adjustments are due to both high supply and external factors, which are having a negative impact on demand and creating market uncertainty,” said Olof Hansson, President of the Södra Skog business area.

The following price adjustments will apply from 9 September 2019

  • -SEK 30/m³sub for spruce logs
  • -SEK 20/m³sub for softwood pulpwood
  • -SEK 20/m³sub for fuel wood

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