“The aim is to be one of the absolute best high-volume facilities in Sweden. By concentrating the operations, we will also be gathering our inventories and logistics in one place. That will increase efficiency and thereby strengthen our competitiveness,” said Peter Karlsson, Chairman of Trivselhus.

Trivselhus currently has two facilities for structural plate production – one in Korsberga, the other in Landsbro. By investing in Landsbro, Trivselhus will achieve a production capacity of about 1,000 units on an annual basis, in an industrial setting with improved health and safety conditions.

“The investment will give us a unique market position. We will be creating interesting high-volume products for house models and apartment solutions with smart and functional floor plans,” said Mikael Olsson, CEO of Trivselhus.

The Landsbro facility will offer three different products – structural plates, high-volume apartments and high-volume houses, which no other house manufacturer can offer at present.

“We will be needing more committed and competent employees. Since the initiative means that we will eventually need to increase the workforce, the new facility will strengthen us as an attractive employer. Timber construction has major potential since both climate aspects and new technologies are ensuring a bright outlook for our future,” said Mikael Olsson, CEO of Trivselhus.

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