Linda Ottosson, Head of Marketing Communication, who led the campaign with Sales Director Marcus Hellberg, accepted the award on behalf of the Södra Cell team, along with Customer relations Manager, Angeline Elfström. “We’re extremely proud of the pioneering Act of a Hero campaign for several reasons,” she told the audience.

“We pushed the boundaries of traditional advertising by a pulp supplier, deliberately targeting our customers’ customers and spreading a generic positive message about sustainable forest products. The campaign far exceeded our expectations and those of the customers we collaborated with (another first), registering over 4.3 million views (including search engine views). Video views number more than 815,000 so far.”

“The statistics are impressive,” added Hellberg, “but they’re not the whole story. The fact that we have won not one but two awards for this campaign (it also won Sofidel’s Best Sustainable Project, Social Category) shows there is real value in creative, out-of-the-box communication, especially when it is accompanied by analysis of the stakeholders in the chain and collaboration with customers. We also need to thank our creative agency, Ehrenstrahle, for helping us to think bravely and to take a whole new approach to the marketing of pulp.”

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