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Sverige Om Södra News Agreement to strengthen climate benefits of forests

Agreement to strengthen climate benefits of forests

The contribution that forests can make to climate change adaptation can increase sharply with the new goal agreed upon by the forest industry and the Swedish Forest Agency. The action package presented will make it possible to increase forest growth by 20 percent by 2050.

“This is entirely in line with Södra’s own sustainability target for increased forest production. Stronger growth will help us tackle the challenges of climate change through increased CO₂ binding and a higher share of renewable products on the market. It will also boost the social economy, especially in rural areas,” said Göran Örlander, Södra, who has been involved in the collaborative process for increased forest production.

The collaborative process has been ongoing for nearly three years and is part of the National Forest Programme. The outcome is 88 action proposals that will not only lead to increased climate benefits but may also create economic value corresponding to tens of billions of Swedish kronor per year.

“Effective and advanced forest management is an investment for the future. Based on the individual goals of private forest owners for their forest, we will now work in various ways to implement the proposed actions,” said Göran Örlander.

The most important areas for increased forest growth, according to the team, are the best possible forest reproductive material, forest management that promotes valuable growth and less forest damage.

“Swedish forestry is already carried out in an effective manner, which is also why most of the proposals must be implemented if we want to achieve the sustainable and desired production increase,” said Göran Örlander.

According to the report, there is also a need for less risk exposure in a changed climate. Therefore, secured support for the establishment of a national forest damage centre is required. There is also a need for in-depth advisory services for forest owners regarding how the production increases can be achieved within the framework of sustainably managed forests, as well as greater efforts to secure research and training.

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Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners


Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners



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