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Great Britain Sustainability Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

Everything can be smarter and more resource-efficient. This is a never-ending process. But our utilisation of raw material from the forest is becoming more and more efficient. And by using every part of the tree, we are reducing our environmental impact and increasing our competitiveness. We are already self-sufficient in energy, but our deliveries of bioenergy to all sectors of society will increase.

Targets: Increase electricity generation, reduce consumption

Nearly all of our electricity is generated from renewable fuels. The target is to reduce our electricity and heating consumption by at least 10 percent by 2025, compared with 2015 levels.

In addition, our annual electricity generation will exceed our electricity consumption (it already does). To achieve our targets, we are investing in increased and optimised generation in order to reduce our use of energy and chemicals, for example.

This is where we are now

Use of electricity and heating

In 2019, electricity and heating consumption for pulp decreased 6 percent (electricity) and 10 percent (heating). For sawn timber electricity consumption was 2 percent lower and heating consumption decreased 15 percent. Both compared with 2015.

Electricity generation and use

In 2019, our electricity generation exceeded our consumption, and net deliveries were 397 GWh.

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