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Great Britain About Södra Press News 53,060 reasons to be an extra proud forest owner

53,060 reasons to be an extra proud forest owner

Skogsinspektor medlem 2020. Från vänster skogsinspektor Åsa Andersson, Ava Houlihan-Burne (statist), Katarina Carlsson.

Today, March 21, is UN International Forest Day. It’s a day to focus on the importance of using and conserving the world's forests in the most sustainable way possible.

At Södra, we have 53,060 reasons to be extra proud of the contribution we make to this cause every day.

Each of our 53,060 reasons is a Södra member. In 2021, 139 new forest-owning members joined Södra and became part of our cooperative to take responsibility for sustainable forestry in southern Sweden. By joining our growing cooperative, individual members are stronger together and can work for ever-better family forestry. The profitability of members forest estates, family forestry and raw material  processing have been the core of Södra's operations since the beginning.

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Subjects: About Södra



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