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Invoice routines

Södra aims to streamline its supplier invoice flow as much as possible. It is important that invoices sent to us are correct so that they can be processed and paid on time. As supplier, you can send electronic invoices to Södra to ensure that the invoice arrives correctly. Invoices must always have a reference in the form of a five-letter combination that is to be provided by Södra’s purchaser.

Södra requires electronic invoices

As of 2020-03-01 Södra requires supplier invoices to be sent electronically, from this date Södra will not accept paper invoices. Electronic invoices enable more efficient and safer handling.

Correct five-character invoice reference is mandatory.

Södra’s purchaser must always provide you with a five-letter invoice reference. If you do not know the reference, please contact the purchaser at Södra for more information.

Write the reference on the first page of the invoice header. Ideally, use “Your reference” or similar phrasing to make it easy to find.

Invoices without a reference or an incorrect reference will automatically be returned to you, and a new correct invoice with an updated invoice date and due date will be required.


An e-invoice, or EDI invoice, is an invoice that is issued, received and processed electronically. It is digital from being created by the sender until it is received and processed by the recipient. In other words, an e-invoice is electronic throughout its lifetime. Södra require that you as a supplier send your invoices as e-invoices.

Benefits of e-invoicing:

  • E-invoicing is efficient, simple and saves working hours for both the sender and the recipient.
  • Lower cost to send compared to paper invoices.
  • E-invoice provides good traceability.
  • Increased security as any errors can be detected immediately.
  • The invoice always arrives correctly to the recipient.

Sending e-invoices to Södra

If you already have a solution for e-invoicing, please contact your service provider to order routing. If you do not have an existing solution, you can read more under the section E-Invoicing through Pagero AB below. Notify us at which service provider you use before sending e-invoices for the first time. 

Södra’s Serviceprovider: Pagero AB

E-invoice ID: Corporate ID number for each Södra company, refer to the list below. Södra does NOT use GLN or EAN codes.

Company E-invoice ID
Södra Skogsägarna ekonomisk förening 729500-3789

If you send your logotype in GIF format, we can put it in our invoice management system and it will appear on the electronic invoices.

You are welcome to send a “test invoice” in the same flow as real invoices, note that the invoice reference in this case have to be “TESTA”. The same requirements apply for a test invoice as for a real electronic invoice. Notify us at, when you send a test invoice so that we can verify that everything is correct.

E-invoicing through Pagero AB

Södra’s partner in facilitating the introduction of e-invoicing, Pagero AB, an explain to Södra suppliers how to create electronic invoices in their business systems and how to conveniently issue invoices to us. Contact Pagero AB on + 46-10 457 68 30.

With the help of Pagero AB, there are four different ways to send e-invoices to Södra:

Pagero Server Connect: Suppliers who have electronic invoice systems can easily use Pagero Server Connect to fully automate the entire electronic invoice flow. Suitable for companies with large annual invoice volumes.

Pagero Connect: Suppliers who lack an electronic invoice management system can send their regular invoices to an electronic printer that creates an electronic document – an electronic invoice – that is sent to Pagero and, from there, to Södra. Pagero Connect is suitable for companies that have medium annual invoice volumes.

Pagero Web Portal: For suppliers that do not use electronic invoice-enabled systems and are unable to invest in one. Pagero Web Portal is a completely web-based service that allows the supplier to conveniently create and send electronic invoices directly in the browser. Login details to Pagero are all you need. Suitable for companies with small invoice volumes.

Pagero Free Web Portal: Södra offers this service to suppliers that send fewer than 25 invoices each year. Suppliers interested in this service can find more information and register for the service at: Enter the project code FreePortal_SÖD10512 when registering. An e-mail containing login details will be sent to the supplier after registration. Pagero Web Portal is a completely web-based service that allows the supplier to conveniently create and send electronic invoices via a web interface. Suitable for companies with very small invoice volumes.

Invoicing by E-mail

Södra will also be able to receive invoices in PDF and TIFF formats, provided that your agreement with us does not specify otherwise. Only one invoice per file will be accepted. This means that the invoice and any attachments must be included in the same file. Several invoices may be sent in the same email, provided they are in separate files.

If you are unable to send invoices by e-mail, we refer you to the Pagero Free Web Portal:

Relevant email adressess:
Company E-invoice ID Epost
Södra Skogsägarna ekonomisk förening SE729500378901
Södra Medlemsel AB SE556070572401
Södra Vind AB SE556765571601
Södra Mark & Hus AB
Skogsägarnas Personalstiftelse 1974
Södra Ädla
Södra Mezs SIA  LV50003871841
Södra Metsad OÜ EE100852514


Invoice addresses to companies within the Södra Group that accepts paper invoices

Södra Wood Ltd

Unit 18/19 Cirencester Office Park
Tetbury Road
Glos, GL7 6JJ
United Kingdom
VAT-nr: GB408346555
Södra Mezs SIA
A. Briana 9A-2
LV-1001 Riga
VAT-nr LV50003871841
Södra Wood Ltd

Tanttutie 6
FIN-49460 Hamina
VAT-nr: FI25716101
Södra Metsad OU

Merivälja tee 1
EE-119 11 Talinn
VAT-nr EE100852514

Södra's supplier invoice requirements

A supplier invoice issued to Södra must always contain:

1. Correct invoice recipient and which business area and unit at Södra the invoice is for. (E.g. Södra Skogsägarna Ekonomisk Förening, Södra Cell Mönsterås)

2. Södra’s reference (a five-letter code provided by the purchaser at Södra). Invoices without a reference or with an incorrect reference will be returned, and a new correct invoice with an updated invoice date will be required

3. Södra’s order number, if known

4. Supplier’s name

5. Type of invoice

6. A unique serial number for each invoice based on one or more series (invoice number)

7. The date the invoice was issued (invoice date)

8. Delivery address

9. The date the goods were sold or the services were executed or completed

10. Currency

11. Due date/payment terms

12. Scope and type of goods or services

13. Tax base for each VAT rate or exception, unit price excluding VAT and any discounts or rebates not included in the unit price

14. The current VAT rate and the rate to be paid if the sale is not zero-rated for VAT

15. Total invoice amount

16. Notification that the supplier has a tax clearance certificate

17. The supplier’s corporate identity number and VAT registration number

18. Payment details

If relevant the invoice should also contain:

19. Södra’s VAT registration number. If Södra is taxable for the purchase (so-called reverse charge) or is in another country within the EU’s VAT area and has cited its VAT registration number to receive the delivery without VAT.

20. When the buyer issues the invoice on behalf of the seller, the detail “self-invoicing” must be included

Invoices for raw materials/chemicals should also include the following:

21. Delivery number

22. Delivery date

23. Net weight and concentration weight

Invoices that lack any of the above will be returned. A new invoice with an updated invoice date and due date will be required.

Invoice related questions?

Please contact Södras Shared Service Finance at or +46 470 89 800.


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