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For us, the forest means long-term growth 

Many times, the forests owned by our members have been passed on through generations. That’s why it’s only natural that long-term sustainability forms the basis for everything we do. Together we will create the best conditions for your forestry. 

Organisation and management

Södra is an economic association, where it’s profitable and free of charge to be a member. More than 53,000 forest owners in southern Sweden already know this. Together we find new solutions, help create the products of tomorrow – and share the profits. Together, we also form a leading forest industry group, big enough to be an important influencer in many contexts. 

Sustainable forestry

Owning a forest comes with a lot of responsibility, but it can also be simple, fun and profitable. Södra is happy to help in this regard. In our services for members, forest and business management as well  as prospective development are obvious parts. And we know that lasting values are created by keeping sustainability and long-term thinking first in mind. 

Want to learn more?

Do you wish to know more about membership and ownership in Södra? Or perhaps you have questions about your forest and its development? We are always close at hand and our forest inspectors are happy to help you with expert advice – on everything from planting to spruce bark beetles. 

Skog på hösten

Södra is owned by about 52,000 forest owners in southern Sweden. 


The Södra 360 experience 

Step into the world of trees and enhance your knowledge about the Swedish forest, and its use in everyday life. Explore the Swedish forest from wherever you are and meet those who manage it responsibly. Then move into an interactive townscape and living space to discover the forest’s use and benefits in everyday life, from transportation to sustainable living. The future is made of trees.

Visit the VR-experience 




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