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When we produce pulp for paper and textiles, we also produce biomethanol from wood raw material. Biomethanol is both a renewable fuel for the future and an important platform chemical. Södra’s large investments in industrial production are now helping biomethanol become a real alternative to fossil solutions. 

Tall oil

Without compromising on quality, uses or performance, our tall oil is a renewable alternative to many chemical and fossil-based substances. Fuels, detergents and cosmetics are some of the product groups where tall oil makes a climate-smart difference. 


Turpentine has been used as a paint thinner for hundreds of years. Today, we are still finding new possibilities for this classic bioproduct. Our turpentine is efficiently produced and in stable volumes, providing security for the customers. And the raw material, from sustainably managed forests, is equally reliable and long-term. 

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Liquid forest bottles

Liquid Forest™

Biomethanol, tall oil and turpentine from Södra are now ready to replace fossil-based materials in a growing number of products and industrial processes. It’s the Swedish forest, in liquid form.

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Liquid forest bottles

Making the most of the opportunities

Bioproducts play a crucial role in the transition to climate-smart materials. We are proud that our Liquid Forest™ products are already used in many different industries, for numerous applications. While their most important mission is to replace fossil materials, our bioproducts can also help make processes and end products meet various environmental certifications. 

Biomethanol  Turpentine  Tall oil

Turpentine from wood Södra Cell Bioproducts Terpentin

Using every part of the tree

Our bioproducts are manufactured at the factories where we also manufacture wood products and pulp. Thus, biomethanol, tall oil and turpentine contribute to a responsible utilisation of our raw material, where no part of the tree is wasted. 



Top-class sustainability 

We are proud to have been awarded two gold medals and one platinum medal by EcoVadis over the past three years, which conducts third-party evalutions in sustainability. When EcoVadis evaluate companies, they take every aspect of sustainability into account. A platinum medal means that we rank among the top 1% of players in our field in terms of social and environmental sustainability.

More about Södra's EcoVadis Platnium Medal


Renewable solutions based on reality

In addition to delivering large volumes of bioproducts, Södra also provides support and advice when you want to create sustainable products or make your manufacturing more climate-smart. By leaning on our own research and knowledge, along with many years of experience, the solutions are realistic and ready to be turned into industrial production. 

Södra Cell Bioproducts Metanolfabrik vid Södra i Mönsterås

Let’s find the solutions together 

We manufacture biomethanol, tall oil and turpentine in large volumes, with reliable and long-term supply for our customers. With bioproducts we can also help you find new solutions that are efficient and climate-smart. If you want to know more about our bioproducts and what a collaboration with Södra can mean, please feel free to contact us. 

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