• Preparations ahead of increased pulp production

    19 Aug 2015
    The expansion of Södra continues. New de-barking drums was delivered by boat to Södra´s pulp mills in Värö and Mörrum.
  • Success for Södra´s non-toxic saplings

    Press release
    10 Aug 2015
    Södra is continuing to invest in non-toxic saplings. During the first half of the year, 28 million saplings were sold, half of which featured mechanical plant protection, meaning they were entirely free from toxins. For the full-year 2015, Södra forecasts sales of 16 million non-toxic saplings, corresponding to an increase of 80 percent compared with 2014.
  • Delivery of Digester to Värö

    03 Jul 2015
    The first parts of the new continuous digester have arrived by boat from Finland to Södra's pulp mills in Värö.
  • Södra shows the way

    03 Jul 2015
    This year we are investing 5 billion SEK in our mills. But that´s not what makes us most proud.
  • Research project to make lignin carbon fibre possible

    Press release 29 Jun 2015
    Södra - together with Innventia and seven other organisations - has been awarded an EU research project that aims to increase investments in development for manufacturing carbon fibre-reinforced plastic composites from kraft lignin. This initiative is of great significance in terms of access to bio-based products in a future bioeconomy.