• Next step for Södra Cell Mörrum

    23 Nov 2015
    The expansion at Södra Cell Mörrum is continuing. A new primary screening system and brown stock washing system will be put into operation between 23 November and 11 December. The new brown stock washing system is initially expected to increase production capacity on the softwood pulp line by 30,000 tonnes per year. The investments will contribute to higher pulp quality, more effective washing results and lower chemical consumption on the pulp line.
  • Commercial journey continues for DuraPulp

    Press release
    17 Nov 2015
    Södra is now taking further steps to commercialise the composite material DuraPulp. A project to construct a dry-process machine has commenced, financed through a grant of EUR 2.1 million from the EU's LIFE funding programme.
  • New wash press in operation at Södra Cell Mönsterås

    19 Nov 2015
    As part of the Expansion Södra project, Södra Cell has invested in a new wash press for its Mönsterås mill. The commissioning and installation were successful and on schedule.
  • New effect evaporators at Södra Cell Värö

    17 Nov 2015
    In October, four effect evaporators were delivered by boat for the expansion of Södra Cell Värö. A special crane was used to lift them into place at the evaporation plant, the heaviest weighing about 250 tonnes.
  • Södra's new management instructions to reduce storm damage

    Press release 05 Nov 2015
    Södra has learned many valuable lessons from the severe storms in recent years. This experience and knowledge has now been harnessed in new management instructions to reduce future storm damage to forests. Thinning at lower heights and earlier final harvesting for spruce-dominated stands are two of the important changes.