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  • A turnaround in fibre availability drove Södra's expansion

    28 Apr 2016
    It wasn't so long ago that fibre in southern Sweden was in tight supply. Södra Cell faced competition for its members' wood from a variety of sources. But the closure of paper machines at Kvarnsveden, Braviken, Hallstavik and Hylte Bruk together reduced annual demand for wood by around 1.8 million m3.
  • Valmet AB to deliver brown washing plant to Södra Cell Mörrum

    Press release
    27 Apr 2016
    In February 2016, Södra's Board of Directors decided to invest SEK 1 billion in a new evaporator and modernisation of the brown washing plant in the dissolving pulp line, where textile pulp is produced. Södra has now awarded Valmet AB the contract to supply the new brown washing plant.
  • Södra signs loan agreement with NIB for SEK 1 billion

    Press release 22 Apr 2016
    Södra Skogsägarna ekonomisk förening has signed a loan agreement with Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) for SEK 1 billion (EUR 108 million). The loan will be used to finance expansion of the Värö pulp mill.
  • Södra allocates SEK 2.5 million to new research projects

    Press release 19 Apr 2016
    At its last Board meeting, the Södra Foundation for Research, Development and Education decided to grant funding of SEK 2.5 million to support four new research projects.
  • Proposed re-election of Södra's Board

    Press release 15 Apr 2016
    Södra's Nomination Committee proposes that those members whose terms are due to expire in 2016 be re-elected for an additional term. This means that no changes to the Board will be proposed to the Annual General Meeting on 18 May.