• Södra develops its processing of forest fuel

    Press release
    27 Mar 2015
    Södra is developing and enhancing the efficiency of its processing of forest fuel and is transitioning to less invasive methods to reduce the risk of soil damage. As part of this effort, the Group is undertaking a comprehensive procurement of contractors to process forest fuel.
  • One Södra – One brand

    16 Mar 2015
    From now on Södra will have a new graphical identity, as part of a new brand strategy.
  • Planning for the future: A Sustainable Södra

    20 Mar 2015
    She explains why she is loving the challenge. For someone with a degree in political science and human rights, a career in heavy manufacturing is not an obvious choice. But for Kristina Altner, appointed Södra's Sustainability Coordinator last November, there's been no going back.
  • Södra aims to be a complete wood supplier for projects in Europe

    Press release 05 Mar 2015
    Architects are seeking new ways to use wood. On 1 April, Södra will therefore launch a new project department in Karlstad to act as a sounding board for turning ideas into reality.
  • Södra raises the price of birch sawn timber

    Press release 18 Feb 2015
    Södra is experiencing strong demand for birch sawn timber, thus entailing an adjustment of the price to the market situation. The price is being raised by SEK 100 per cubic metre as of 16 February.