• Ten years after Cyclone Gudrun - forestry balance has been restored

    Press release 07 Jan 2015
    In January 2005, Cyclone Gudrun swept over Götaland in southern Sweden, felling about 200 million trees, or 75 million cubic metres of wood, in the process. Today, 10 years later, the forest's balance has been restored. "Replanting has continued apace and forest regeneration of the storm clearings has been satisfactory," explained Göran Örlander, Head of Forest Management at Södra.
  • Damage caused by Storm Egon estimated at 3 million forest cubic metres

    Press release 14 Jan 2015 Storm Egon
    Södra estimates that damage to Södra's members' properties during Storm Egon was approximately 1.5 million forest cubic metres, corresponding to a total of about 3 million forest cubic metres in Götaland. This figure is significantly lower than anticipated given the high wind speeds registered. Södra believes that the extent of the damage may have been limited by the favourable direction of the wind, by the fact that earlier storms had already felled sensitive forest stands and that forest management practices have been better adapted to the risk of storms.
  • Södra reduces price of standard saw logs and small dimension softwood, and raises price of hardwood logs

    Press release Yesterday 16:27 prices
    The market for sawn timber gradually deteriorated towards the end of 2014 and the uncertainty in the market remains. On account of the market situation, Södra is making a minor adjustment to the prices of its sawable softwood range. Conversely, the trend for sawn hardwood timber is positive and demand is favourable, thereby meaning that an upward adjustment can be made for birch and oak logs.
  • Expanded impregnation in Åtvidaberg meets market's requirements

    Press release 08 Jan 2015
    Södra's impregnation plant in Åtvidaberg has been granted a permit to pressure-treat 35,000 cubic metres of sawn timber, which is 15,000 cubic metres more than the previous permit allowed.
  • Södra forms Sustainability Unit

    Press release 18 Dec 2014 sustainability
    Sustainability has always been central to Södra and, in conjunction with the review of sustainability work in 2014, the company has decided to strengthen its organisation and structure. As of 2015, work and resources in this area will be gathered under a central staff function, the Sustainability Unit.

Expansion Södra Cell Värö

Expansion Södra Cell Värö