• Södra takes new steps with ground-breaking, eco-friendly material

    Press release
    22 Sep 2015
    On 22 September, the first pilot machine for manufacturing products from the ground-breaking bio-composite DuraPulp was inaugurated. With DuraPulp, Södra is able to offer a viable alternative to fossil-fuel based products.
  • Historically strong earnings for Södra

    Press release
    22 Sep 2015
    Södra reported a strong earnings trend for the first eight months of the year. Operating profit rose to SEK 1,660 million (1,012), sales increased to SEK 12,186 million (11,429) and the operating margin was 14 percent (9).
  • Södra Cell Mörrum meets new environmental standards

    Press release 16 Sep 2015
    On Wednesday 16 September, Södra inaugurated the upgraded biological treatment facility for process water at Södra Cell Mörrum. The investment ensures that the mill will comply with the new environmental standards set by the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), and is part of Södra's major expansion project now being implemented across all three of its pulp mills.
  • Systematic nature conservation resulting in increased forest growth

    Press release 14 Sep 2015
    Over the past 20 years, Södra has taken a systematic approach to its nature conservation work. These efforts have resulted in voluntarily protected areas with high conservation values and a production forest with growing conservation values. At the same time, we are seeing increased growth in forests, with a larger wood volume - in other words, forests where production and conservation values go hand in hand.
  • Preparations ahead of increased pulp production

    19 Aug 2015
    The expansion of Södra continues. New de-barking drums was delivered by boat to Södra´s pulp mills in Värö and Mörrum.