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Sverige Om Södra News Today we observe the international day of forests

Today we observe the international day of forests

At Södra we usually say that the future is made of trees but on United Nations International Day of Forests, it’s worth remembering they are our present too.

In 2012, the United Nations declared March 21 as International Forest Day to highlight the importance of sustainable use and conservation of the world's forests. Forestry has long been one of the cornerstones of Sweden's economy. Södra was formed back in 1938, when private forest owners in southern Sweden got together to form a cooperative so they could become more profitable, grow their forests and process their wood into sustainable products. This has been the core focus of Södra ever since.

The forest: A world of opportunities

The forest has provided us with everything from shelter and fuel to food and clothing. It has stood by our side come rain or shine. Today we can make more advanced products than ever before from wood raw materials - the limitations are few and the possibilities many.

The forest also plays an important role in our conversion to a bioeconomy. The growth in our members' forests and the products we make have a positive effect on the climate, equivalent to 20 percent of Sweden's total carbon dioxide emissions.

It takes 70 years before a Södra tree is ready to harvest, so we have plenty of time to plan how best to use it and where to replant. We call it sustainability.

At Södra every day is a day of forests

Keep making sustainable choices: Build in wood, choose clothes made from the forest, refuel with biofuels and use paper instead of plastic.  In the future we will be able to offer even more sustainable opportunities than we do now, so watch this space!

Make every day a Forest Day. Why not start today and walk with a friend in the forest? It’s a great alternative to the gym at any time of year, but especially in the current climate.

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Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners


Subjects: Sustainability, About Södra, Forest owners



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